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Toad Hill is a Montessori Kindergarten and Preschool environment for children ages 3-6 years old. Housed in a historic one room schoolhouse, we opened on  September 1, 2005.

Toad Hill Children’s House is a 5 Star, City of Madison Accredited Program.

Please call 608-217-9533 or email for a private tour.

Register Early for Madison Explorers Summer Camp for ages 7-12 – email for more information.

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Kindergarten at Toad Hill

Kindergarten is the most important year for Montessori students. They solidify strong leadership skills, and complete their foundation for a lifelong love of learning. During the Kindergarten year our oldest students venture beyond the classroom to gather new information from leaders in our community, and apply the knowledge they already have in new ways.

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Outdoor Classroom and Hiestand Park

Our school yard is an Outdoor Classroom utilized year round. Children climb, build, garden, rake, shovel snow, identify plants and wildlife, and explore and experiment with nature in this space everyday. We gather, count, and cook with fruits and vegetables gathered from these gardens and from our apple, cherry, pear, and mulberry trees. Our charming school also backs to Hiestand Woods Conservation Park, allowing easy access to over 45 acres of open space, wooded trails, playgrounds and greenways.

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Montessori Work Period

Our carefully prepared environment allows students practice practical life skills, language, mathematics, sensorial activities, and lessons in geography, science, geology and so much more! As they work  they are constantly developing their sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence.

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Childhood is a celebration! Our students celebrate customs and traditions from around the world all year long.  Celebrations include preparing and eating foods from other nations, wearing traditional clothing used in cultural festivals and special occasions, and learning games, crafts, dances and songs in a variety of languages.

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